Jacob Higgins Personal Website

Welcome to my personal website. I have many research interests, but most boil down to the same question: how can a autonomous system move in a smart and safe manner from one point to another? There are many approaches to this challenge, from an analytical viewpoint like control theory to data-driven approaches like reinforcement learning.

Here I put my professional and academic accomplishments for anyone that might be interested, as well as notes on any personal projects that I like to explore.

I’m a member of the Bezzo Robotics group at the University of Virginia. Check out the lab’s website to see what other members of my lab do and the kinds of robots I work with on a daily basis.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out!

Some things I’ve done:

Bezzo Robotics Promo

See me in the background working on spot!

2D EKF SLAM with Differential Drive Model

Localizing a colored ball in the environment